Check out the official Disrupt 2022 roundtables

I tell you what, folks. The roundtable discussions at TechCrunch Disrupt — coming to you live and in person on October 18-20 in San Francisco — will be off the hook.

Disrupt attendees love roundtables — 30-minute, expert-led discussions designed for up to 20 attendees who share an interest in a particular subject. The format allows for deeper conversation, questions and answers, and time for attendees to connect and explore collaborative opportunities.

These roundtables cover a range of interesting topics. Check out the list of sessions below; for the full schedule and descriptions, check out the agenda.

Don’t forget! Prices jump $1,100 come September 16. Book your Disrupt 2022 Pass here.


Hypefeast: How Hype Fuels The Economy And The Unique Opportunity Startups Have To Take Advantage
with Alain Sylvain (SYLVIAN)

My Daughter The Cyborg
with Jeremiah Robison (CIONIC)

How Will I Know? How To Pick The Right Time (And Way) To Launch From Stealth Mode
with Andrej Safundzic (Lumos)

Starting Early: The How-Tos Of Investing In Student Founders
with Melissa Li (Dorm Room Fund)

From IPO Frenzies To Delays: What’s Changing With Equity
Sponsored By: Secfi

Using AI To Cut Meeting Costs And Time
with Sam Liang (Otter.Ai)
Sponsored By: Otter.Ai

Democratizing Retail With AI-Powered Marketplaces
with Kathy Zhou (Queenly)

Expanding Applications Of AI Across Real Estate And Beyond
with Sam Stone (Opendoor)

Startup Exits: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
with Sam Wong (Fundable Startups)

Why Nine Out Of Ten Startups Fail
with Dheeraj Pandey (DevRev)
Sponsored By: Mayfield

NFTs For Real-World Problems
with Manuela Seve (

Making Venture More Accessible
with Ryan Nece (Next Play Capital)

Changing Consumer Behavior & Turning Customers Into Advocates
with TBD

Gen Z: Adapting To The Next Generation Of Consumers
with Emir Talu (Pentas Ventures)

How To Build A Tech Team To Hack Government Bureaucracy
with Hongyi Li (Government Technology Agency Of Singapore)

Traction vs. Funding: The Chicken-Or-Egg Problem For Deep Tech Startups
with Thomas Rouffiac (Natrion)

Saving The World: The Playbook For Building Planetary Health Unicorns
with Arvind Gupta (Mayfield Fund)
Sponsored By: Mayfield

Art Of Persuasion: How To Convince People To Work With You
with Trisha Bantigue (Queenly)

The Fintech Scaling Dilemma: When To Expand Across Continents
with Yorick Naeff (BUX)

How To Approach Personalization In A Post-Cookie World
with Alexandre Robicquet (Crossing Minds)

How To Recession-Proof Your Saas Startup
with Haseeb Budhani (Rafay Systems)

Harnessing Data And Culture At Scale
with Christine Spang (Nylas)

Design And Scale Using Behavioral Science
with Shirin Oreizy (Next Step)

Love What You Do: Lessons From The Passion Economy
with Robin Åström (Wehype)

Lessons From Disrupting The Disruptors
with Shaival Shah (Ribbon)

Changing Consumer Behavior & Turning Customers Into Advocates
with Sofia Laurell (Tiny Organics)

Pricing For Competitive Advantage
with Andy Rooks (Price Theory)

Hacking Hiring: How To Build An A-Team Without A Budget Of A Large Corporation
with Anna Buldakova (Vektor AI)

The Value Of Flat Wins
with Alex Hersham (Zencargo)

Delivering Value & Driving Pipeline: How B2B Marketers Can Tackle Both
Sponsored By: LinkedIn

A Serial Software Entrepreneur Shares The Playbook For Building Breakout Companies
with Rehan Jalil (Securiti)
Sponsored By: Mayfield

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